Public health sector

Mobile Prozesse im Gesundheitswesen

Mobile IT solutions gain more and more importance in the public health sector. In this sector, aged care and nursing are promising fields of application. With this field of work being to a great extent event driven and situational, operations that are standardized, formalized, and having a mere rational purpose are impossible. Therefore, a support by mobile applications is necessary.

In addition, using scarce resources in the public health sector is mandatory. In hospitals expensive special equipment has to be owned several times in order to guarantee a smooth process. For this purpose tracking and tracing via RFID can be a remedy in spacious buildings. Thus, questions like where appropriate devices can be found or where a specific patient is or specialized personnel can be answered. Obstacles for the use of mobile solutions are often the lack of decision-making authority, rejection by employees and security concerns.

In addition, the inspection of medical technical equipment through mobile communications offers some advantages. For example, technicians who are not on site are able to make device diagnostics if there is a disturbance. In the ideal case the medical technical equipment can provide information about operating conditions and material stocks.

In summary, mobile technology in the public health sector can guarantee sustainable improvements in the quality of medical care and its profitability.