Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

Due to its special properties and its diffusion among the population, the mobile phone is very well suited for payment transactions. Studies show that, in addition to simply requesting account statements, especially the direct settlement of payment transactions is a highly attractive use case for the user.

Mobile Business Processes

Mobile business processes are increasingly executed mobilely and will therefore require adjustments in the information technology of the company. The integration of these mobile business processes using appropriate technologies is a big challenge, but offers at the same time many new opportunities and potentials.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile communication techniques open up a new channel to consumers and offer thus advertisers a unique selling point. Due to the special properties of mobile communications techniques such as ubiquity, context sensitivity, identifying functions and command and control functions advertisers gain completely new possibilities for individualized mass marketing.

Mobile Markets

The mobile telecommunication market is influenced by changing technological, economic and legal aspects. Due to the deregulation of and the growing competitive dynamics in this market more and more new mobile (virtual) network operators enter the market. For this reason, mobile network operators are looking for new business models and revenue streams.