Better results through research?

„Our core competency is mobility – a critical factor for a lot of existing and at the same time a constituent factor for new, innovative systems with the use of cellular radio, RFID/NFC and other wireless technologies.

  • In the business-to-consumer (b2c) sector m-commerce represents a new business area whose offers and services have to be designed optimal in order to be successful. Examples are m-payment as still missing enabler for innovative mobile services, employment of the mobile channel for retail industry and banks and mobile marketing.
  • In the business-to-business (b2b) sector m-business means the redesign of mobile business processes according to the rules of Mobile Business Process Reengineering to come to mobile-integrated business processes.
  • On the macro level, our work comprises the further development of structure and functioning of mobile and adjacent markets.

The benefit of mobility can often be grasped intuitively – yet many projects are not successful. Although or just because? Mobility opens up great potentials. But to realize them is not as easy as it may look at first glance. Because mobility and the mobile customer form an own, new paradigm for markets and applications where old rules often apply only at first sight.

We have explored and translated into practice this paradigm in countless studies and projects. We can provide the second sight, procuring you better results and the decisive lead in competition.

Success in the mobile world requires a very special combination of strategic vision and an eye for detail. And of course the right team.

That is why you may expect “better results through research” for your mobile issues. We look forward to your problem!"

PD Dr. Key Pousttchi

Dr. Key Pousttchi

Key Pousttchi is an associate professor of business informatics and mobile business at the University of Augsburg. He founded the wi-mobile Research Group in 2001. As an internationally recognized expert he was involved in numerous projects. Among other things he headed the National Roundtable M-Payment of the German mobile operators and banks and served as a member of the M-Enterprise advisory body for the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. Besides his research work he serves the community as spokesman of the board of the German SIG of mobile business researchers, author/editor of 11 books and numerous research articles, keynote speaker and supervisory board member of a publicly traded company. He is frequently asked to comment for the media, from German national radio/TV to the NYT, and advises national and international corporations in strategic mobile business and m-commerce issues.

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